I was never good at writing these things…

Who I am is expressed in the pieces I write in a way that a summary on a separate page can’t be captured.

But, I suppose if you are here reading this bit in particular, it’s because you’re looking for some extra information like where I am in this wide world and how I ended up here.

So, briefly, here it is:

Brooklyn girl at heart, I took to traveling the way I took to books – with a deep love that permeates every cell of my body and has not let me go.

Four years of moving between various countries and cities, I have finally decided to start a home in Córdoba, Spain.

Surrounded by 2,000 years of history, endless possibilities for adventure and living a lifestyle that allows me to absorb and experience the joys and challenges of life, is something that I am thankful for every day.

The pieces I write are my attempts at capturing these moments and experiences, nothing more, nothing less.

I am happy that you’ve stopped by and I hope you continue to do so.