Hey! I’m Nina. Hangry traveler, tea-loving bookworm, and dessert fiend.

A native Brooklynite, I sometimes miss my hometown, but Madrid is my current home, Spain having hooked me in, heart and soul.

This isn’t your typical travel blog. Sweet Adventures is about exploring culture from the inside. Learning about different aspects of culture and comparing them to my own is awesome! Even in the tiniest ways. Did you know that to celebrate birthdays here the birthday girl has to pay for everyone else?! Um, what?! Back in the States, the birthday girl is special and gets treated! And dessert…well, do I really have to explain why it’s worth writing about? If I do, I think that should be the first part you visit 😉

Here’s what you’ll find as you explore this blog…


Have trouble living in the present? I do. Moments is my way of trying to battle non-stop thinking and to fully experience the present moment. These are pieces that strive to capture the energy, feel and vibe of places. I hope to paint vivid pictures for you to get a taste of the magic of the world and the magic around you in your daily life.


Do you know the expression, “Too many cooks in the kitchen”? Yea, the Spanish don’t and probably wouldn’t understand it. In fact that have an expression that basically says instead of too many people trying to get things done, they all stand back and watch as one person does the work. Some cultural comparisons are just too funny, some serious, but all of them pretty damn fascinating. So check this section out to see how it’s done in other parts of the world!


“Life is short, eat dessert first.” Oh, I do. Dessert in the morning, afternoon and evening, there are no time or location constraints for when I can eat chocolate, cake, cookies or pastries. Hangry traveler that I am, I will leave the food recommendations to the professional travel guides, but dessert, it deserves a whole section of its own. Here you will find the best spots to get dessert around Spain and stories about desserts from my travels with mouthwatering pictures of all those goodies before I devour them in heavenly bliss.

Expat Files

 Living abroad ain’t all glitz and glam. There are plenty of challenges and obstacles to be faced as well. Here you’ll find some tips and tricks for living abroad, and pieces on questions I personally face as an expat. Like, how much do I adapt to my new home’s culture and how much of my own culture do I hold on to? Do I pay for everyone else on my birthday or do I just keep it a secret so I can save my money? 😉

Love & Relationships

If living abroad is hard, dating abroad with someone of another culture can be even more challenging. Here I share about the journey of my international relationship, with the hopes that it will encourage or inspire those of you who are experiencing similar wonders and challenges.


Off you go to explore! I hope you find inspiration, or learn something new, or leave drooling and ready to go off in search of some yummy dessert. All of the above is also a great option!